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Fuck me, I'm scene.

Name: Arielle
Age: seventeen
Location: Virginia
Orientation: straight, for the most part.

6+ Favorite Bands: Blood Brothers, Fear Before the March of Flames, Converge, Saetia, The Honorary Title, Refused, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Casey Jones, Aunt Mary, You & I, Circle Takes the Square
5+ Least Favorite Bands: Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Queens of the Stoneage, Green Day, The Killers, Hilary Duff
4 Favorite Movies: Now & Then, Where The Heart Is, Benny & Joon, Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
3 Favorite Books: Sloppy Firsts, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Invisible Monsters
2 Favorite Places KC's Music Alley & the beach

Promote us in THREE places with links;
PS - the banner that I used needed fixed in the coding. The IMG SRC code is wrong.

Now SUCK UP to the god damn mods:
atearofcrimson: I think she's super pretty, with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
____omgeezskank: she is GORGEOUS. I love her hair, her makeup, & her piercings. I want to marry her.
______destr0yer: she looks like a porcelan doll, with very pretty eyes.

Tell us about your 'scene' in 10+ sentences. Be creative. If it sucks, you probably wont get very good votes. Tell us about the people, music, what you do, blah blah blah. In my 'scene' there's a lot of people who try way too hard to be part of the scene & to be cool. There's kids who think they're hardcore with their hats & bandanas, yet they don't even fucking dance at shows. There's a lot of really good bands that come here. Some of the bands that have been here that totally rock face are Donnybrook, From a Second Story Window, & Bane. That was all in one fucking show too! Some shows are better than others, but plenty of kids turn up for them. Hardly anybody arrives when the show first starts unless it's one of those like I mentioned up there. I spin kick lame kids in the face, & I two step with the good ones. There's plenty of hot guys & hot girls too. I want to bang a lot of them. Plus, look who I get.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Finally: post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself and 1 200x200 for the members page.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
go go PowerRangers!
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
on the right.

sorry, I don't have any resizing programs ;[

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