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Fuck Me, Im Scene

18 [yes im pathedic and still do rating communities. get over it <3]
Lithia Springs, Ga
I like a male.

6+ Favorite Bands:
The Locust
Fear Before The March Of Flames
The Daughters
Spill Canvas
The Strokes
Yes, i DO like taking back sunday, its a total guilty pleasure
Pretty Girls Make Graves
The Faint
Bright Eyes
Murder By Death
Postal Service
5+ Least Favorite Bands:
Im gonna try not to be typical.
Fall Out Boy
The Casualties
Erm..other bands.

4 Favorite Movies:
White Oleander
Fight Club
Donnie Darko
Mean Girls

3 Favorite Books:
Lovely Bones
She's Come Undone
2 Favorite Places
Lil Five Points [in Atlanta]
California <3
Promote us in THREE places with links;

Now SUCK UP to the god damn mods:
atearofcrimson:you all
______destr0yer:hot. duh.

Tell us about your 'scene' in 10+ sentences. Be creative. If it sucks, you probably wont get very good votes. Tell us about the people, music, what you do, blah blah blah.
In my "scene" we sit around on the computer for hours on end checking up on Myspace and Livejournal communities 4394832 cause we dont have anything else to do. Then at night we scrounge up our change at night for Gas, Cigarettes, and a Concert, local or not. Then we save up our petty amount of wages to go to bigger shows, like Sounds Of The Underground, so we can show all the cool scene looks and all we learned from people on myspace and livejournal. We also love sites like lipstickparty.com and we love to do our bright ass eyemakeup, on guys too. Cause were just that scene. We have tattoos, awesome piercings, and hair that looks like we cut it ourself, even though we dont.

Finally: post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself and 1 200x200 for the members page.
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The End
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