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fuck me, i'm scene

Name: awdree
Age: 16
Location: dallas, texas

6+ Favorite Bands: blonde redhead, blood brothers, the faint, of montreal, tegan & sara, death from above 1979, bloc party, mates of state
5+ Least Favorite Bands: simple plan, creed, korn, yellowcard, lilix
4 Favorite Movies: baseketball, the last unicorn, enternal sunshine, big fish
3 Favorite Books: crank, what dreams may come, i love you goodnight!
2 Favorite Places my friend julia's house, a good party
1 Favorite Outfit my jeans, plaid keds, a little boys t-shirt.

Promote us in THREE places with links;

ESSAY: if you were some sort of scene super-hero what would you be and why, what would your day be like, and what super powers would you have. [Be fictional and non-fictional. We want to be entertained, and learn about you] Go for it: i would be a ninja turtle and i would fly around from ally to ally curing diseases and fighting crime, in my little boy costume. my powers would be flying obviously, and being awesome and putting out fires with my eyes. the end. deal with it.

Finally: post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself and 1 200x200 for the members page.
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