:) (jesustoastcakes) wrote in ohoh_scenesters,

Location:Memphis, TN

6+ Favorite Bands:he is legend, champion, comeback kid, the bled, the number 12 looks like you, the blood brothers, killwhitneydead, norma jean
5+ Least Favorite Bands: mates of state, simple plan, the used, lamb of god, korn
4 Favorite Movies: party monster, fight club, ghost world, thirteen
3 Favorite Books: speak, catalyst, sisterhood of the traveling pants \m/ \m/ gaha.
2 Favorite Places: skatepark of memphis, RP Tracks (pool hall and resturant)
1 Favorite Outfit: bohemian skirt, flip flops, flats, camisole. whateverz

Promote us in THREE places with links;

ESSAY: if you were some sort of scene super-hero what would you be and why, what would your day be like, and what super powers would you have. [Be fictional and non-fictional. We want to be entertained, and learn about you] Go for it: POLKA DOT PRINCESS PATTY. Polka Dot Princess Patty would go around shooting polka dots from Tech Nines and busting the fuck out off stupid ass mall goths. I could turn into a big polka dot or a chicken patty. I could be great bate for mean ass fat kids and then i'll blast their ass with my polka dot bow exploding boomerang, but of course her look would not be complete with out a really sparkly tiara and her dino Stefan, who would give her rides.

Finally: post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself and 1 200x200 for the members page.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i totally don't have a resize program....

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