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sooo today, i've decided to re-cap some of my favorite stuff this year.
Image hosted by looks kinda like a demon, jp. but this teach is the shi*. 1st of all, anyone who is black & looks white-owns >:[ (the following phrase is not to be taked to any extent what so ever to envolve michael jackson-not guilty my a$$.........hehe w/e he's like my god(ess) cuz cuz, he's like 6++++++++ feet tall && only weighs 97 pounds. that deserves a holy SHI*

Image hosted by teacher is cool, cuz she tought me what a nookie was, and i got to pass it down to my friends, she looks like she's choking my dear friend baer. but she is.anyways i give thx to her, cuz she let me have a camera in her class. oh and give me candy oodles of times.

Image hosted by this is what i call my "little big"shots they will rock your face.since bear stood my up @ the dance i got one of my friends to do the honors of stepping on him. kthx

Image hosted by i guess preston found out that i never really liked him, and so he was like take a pic!!! so i took i pic.drew-middle, is black.screw you. blake-middle, is a hottie. Preston-back is a rappists. but durring school hours, he's completely ♥ by the preps who love to give him blow-jobs. :>

Image hosted by guy is rad, and is going to warped tour tomorrow.
Image hosted by is this guy

Image hosted by love this girl waaaaaaaay much. espically since summer.cant wait like 5789356793 seconds to see your haircut..shoud've let me do it.

Image hosted by like flowers, but with mushrooms :3

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Image hosted by was my model for a week. he's almost rad, but not really :/

Image hosted by made a cake w/these people --->)laurend &lyz are always my heart...maybe colton too.(he kinda ate the most of the cake)

Image hosted by off my skills

Image hosted by again, showing off my skills...on my math notes o.O

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Image hosted by then soo i had a sleepover, and my brother stole a pillow, and stuffed it as himself. lyz is doing a pose bedside him like girlies to when 2 gays guys are making out from behind.

Image hosted by to canes chicken with my mommie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.commy brotther graduates with top 15 in his school, & in the top 25%.&&got all these ropes and stuff for all of his achievements :3 GO RICHARD

Image hosted by Photobucket.comummmm.walking home days, was more than fun-ish. this group is forever!!

Image hosted by life is like a basket. surronded by red. & covered with white cloth.
Image hosted by you cabage fry girl you.(he parents forbid us to hand out w/ her, when we snuck out of class one day, and got pass)

Image hosted by c u @ the tour
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